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Friday, February 23, 2018

West Easton Council Meeting 6/12/17 (VIDEO)


Approval of checks, Treasurer’s report, May meeting minutes. Wilson Recreation Board Rep. Jeff Breidinger Jr. gives report.
Engineer gives update on 2nd St. Storm Water Project. Office asks for approval of a Vendor Contact Policy. Resolutions approved regarding War Monument and support of proposed State legislation to increase littering fines. Ordinance to establish Police Dept. presented before being advertised.
Councilman Lewis presents report on attended Conference.
Discussion of possible drone restriction in borough. Update on new LED street lights.
(Apologies for background noise. Mic picked up A/C running.)

Disclaimer: Beginning January 4, 2016, the owner of WestEastonPA.com began serving on the West Easton Council following an election. Postings and all content found on this website are the opinions of Matthew A. Dees and may not necessarily represent the opinion of the governing body for The Borough of West Easton.

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