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Saturday, February 24, 2018


Northampton County Provides Escape/FTR Info On Work Release Facility

Northampton County has provided an answer to my Right To Know Request for information pertaining to residents of the West Easton DUI/Work Release Facility who either failed to return, or otherwise escaped. The information they provided covers all years since the facility began operations in 2012, with the exception of 2018, though there appears to


County Executive McClure Responded To Work Release Facility Concerns

As I was sitting at a Zoning Hearing Board Meeting on Thursday night, having left the County Council Meeting only a half hour before, Executive Lamont McClure was addressing his Council. Some good may have come from my brief moment speaking to Northampton County Council members about the Work Release Facility. Executive McClure made a


Truck Busts Fire Hydrant And Leaves, Driver Returns Later

A large delivery truck, that should not have been traveling through the borough as a shortcut to Johnston Trucking, found an unexpected detour at Seventh Street, made a right onto Keystone Avenue, and struck a fire hydrant at the corner of the intersection. The result was a blown right rear tire on the truck’s trailer


Trestles To Trails May Depend On Two Boroughs Working Together

An informational meeting will be held during a scheduled Grants Committee meeting on January 25th. The informational meeting will shine some light on incorporating the borough’s trestles into part of the county-wide trails system. It was last year when I first wrote of possibly using the trestles as part of a trail system and obtaining


Some Council Updates…

LED Street Lights Borough Manager Joan Heebner reported to Council that the installation of LED street lights is saving West Easton taxpayers $250-$600 per month in electrical costs when compared to old bills in the same months when the less energy efficient bulbs were being used. Community Park Sidewalks Grant Council unanimously approved the engineering


Tips For Bitterly Cold Weather

We all know it’s cold, but this will seem like balmy weather when the worst hits tonight and over the weekend. Temps are predicted to hit a high of only 14 today, 11 tomorrow, and 16 on Sunday. The nights will be worse. Only 2 tonight, -3 tomorrow, and 10 on Sunday night. Add the


DePaul Sworn In As Mayor, James Voted Council President

To a full audience, Mr. Dan DePaul was sworn in by Judge Richard Yetter at the Council’s Reorganization meeting held this evening. Mayor DePaul then swore in newly elected Council members Paul James, Jeff Briedinger Jr., and Desiree Lake. DePaul also swore in Tax Collector Elizabeth Hanni for another term. Following the swearing in of


Water Supply Break In Wilson Affects West Easton – UPDATE

A possible water main lateral break at 23rd and Front Streets in Wilson occurred at approximately 10:30 this morning. It may affect driving conditions in both boroughs, due to the pooling, slush, and single digit temperatures predicted overnight that will likely turn all wet areas into ice. Residents along Front Street report they have lost


Council Reorganization Meeting On January 2nd

A Council Meeting will be held on Tuesday, January 2nd at 6:30 pm. Referred to as a “Reorganization Meeting,” the first Monday in January meeting is scheduled and held every even year following the previous year’s election. Because the first Monday in January 2018 falls on a holiday, the meeting is moved to the next


Proposed Police Headquarters Building Sound Following Inspection

The old Borough Hall building, leased from Safety First and now the proposed future headquarters of a planned part-time police department, was found to be structurally sound following an inspection this afternoon. Mr. Joseph Hoffman, from Barry Isett & Associates performed the inspection. Members of the Safety Committee, our Borough Manager, and our Police Consultant,


Reminder: Holidays Delay Trash/Recycling 1 Day

Though the calendar on this website indicates trash and recycling dates to be performed on Thursday, December 28th and Thursday, January 4th, the pickups will actually be delayed until the following days, because of the Christmas and New Year holidays. My calendar is set to repeat itself every Thursday of the month and can sometimes


Mayor Gerald Gross Delivers His Last Report To Council

Mayor Gerald W. Gross presented the “Mayor’s Report” to Council at Monday’s meeting. It would be his last report, as he decided to retire from public office and not seek re-election for another term, that would have started in 2018. His wife and family members were in attendance, providing additional support for the man that


Nathaniel Kober – West Easton’s First Junior Council Person

Following the approval of a Resolution and a unanimous vote of Council, Mr. Nathaniel Kober, a young West Easton resident, took the Junior Council Person Pledge. The Pledge was administered by Mayor Gerald Gross, who introduced Nathaniel to Council earlier this year. Nathaniel, a 16 year-old in his Junior year at Wilson High School is


West Easton Part-Time Police Dept Will Have A Building Of Their Own

It won’t be a $7 million police station like the City of Easton built, but it will be enough to serve the needs of a West Easton Part-Time Police Department. During Monday night’s Council meeting, Council members voted unanimously (6-0, T. Nodoline absent) to approve a proposed lease agreement with Safety First Volunteer Fire Company


West Easton Police – Expected Chief Will Start As Consultant

West Easton Council took a major step toward the formation of a part-time police department by hiring a retired State Trooper as a consultant. Mr. Robert Mahady was a State Trooper for 25 years, achieving the rank of Sergeant before retiring last year. Mahady worked from the Belfast Barracks and is familiar with West Easton.


Deltawash To Install Water Meters

Deltawash Lehigh Valley, the commercial laundromat that moved to West Easton has agreed to install water meters to record water usage that will be calculated for sewer charges. The Deltawash manager was present at last night’s Council meeting and it was reported during the meeting that all necessary permits have also been obtained for them


No Trash/Recycling Thanksgiving Day

Just a reminder that there will be no trash or recycling pickup next week, Thursday, Thanksgiving Day. Pickup will take place on Friday morning, November 24th. Please use bins with covers to help deter animals from ripping open plastic bags that are not protected inside a container.


2018 Budget – No Tax Increase

There will be no increase in the mil rate for 2018. West Easton Council voted to advertise the 2018 Budget last night with only one change made before its approval. Council voted 5-1 (DePaul, James, Mammana, H. Nodoline, Lewis affirming – Dees dissenting – T. Nodoline absent) to increase the donation to Mary Meuser Library


Pennsylvania Legislation For Veterans

This session, the House is working on several initiatives to help our veterans, including one that is now law. Known as the Stolen Valor Law, Act 9 of 2017 makes it a crime for someone to misrepresent military service or honors for the purpose of fraudulently attempting to obtain money, property or other benefits. House


Councilman Provides DD-214 Discharge Status

Now that the election is over I want to put an end to a whisper campaign that began before the May Primary. I’m not going to rehash how my military discharge status became a subject of suspicion and accusation. If you don’t know, you can find that out by doing a search on this site.


25 Percent Turnout In 2017 West Easton Elections

Only 187 of the 753 eligible voters in West Easton made it to the polls yesterday. Our 24.83% was only slightly better than the county-wide turnout of 22.97%. Weather may have played a part in the low turnout, when compared to past election years in the borough. Rain and cold temperatures ruled much of the


West Easton Sample Ballot

I was unable to find a sample ballot online, so I took pictures of a paper ballot. They will show you what you will see when you walk into the voting booth tomorrow. Besides local races in the borough and county, there are also public questions. Click the images to enlarge.  


Rut Season – Drive Cautiously

The Pennsylvania Game Commission is reminding motorists to slow down and stay alert for deer on the roadways. Deer become more active in the autumn with the lead-up to their fall breeding season, commonly referred to as the “rut.” Autumn also sees a number of people taking part in outdoor activities that might flush deer

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