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Saturday, February 24, 2018

I’ve Been Trippin’


If anyone has been wondering where I’ve been and why I wasn’t writing about anything, it’s because I took a vacation.

Las Vegas was my destination. Over the years the casinos have been kind enough to keep my money safe for me.

Unlike banks, nobody ever successfully robbed a casino. One guy almost made it a few years back. He got out the front entrance of a major casino with some large cash, but didn’t make it to the street before being shot dead. They don’t play around in Vegas.

Though usually difficult to make a withdrawal, this time I was successful and took a road trip back in a vehicle I purchased there. My old Jeep will finally be retired.

For those who don’t know, I’m from the Las Vegas area, so the trip was also a chance to visit family and friends.

My old friend Vito asked me to repay a favor I owed him. Apparently he didn’t like a rug he had and I was asked to bury the rolled up thing in the desert. It was awfully heavy and I’m not as young as I used to be when I could take the occasional trunk or 50 gallon drum out to the desert for Vito, by myself.

His other friend, Tony “The Mulcher,” had to help me. Tony said he had a lawn service business, which explained his nickname. He said his favorite part of the business was using a mulcher to get rid of a tree he had to remove.

Tony is a nice guy. He offered to remove a tree for me if I ever needed his service, but I told him I had no trees in my yard. I guess he may have been a bit deaf, because he kept making the offer. There aren’t a lot of trees in the desert, but he seems to be doing well monetarily. I suspect he may have a side business of some kind. Probably eBay.

cherrypatchI’d tell you what I did in Vegas, but you know the rule… “What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas.”

At my age, not much happened.

I took a trip to a cherry ranch, hoping to pick fruit from trees, for the road trip back. I couldn’t find one cherry tree on the ranch! The woman who answered the door said she had cherries inside, but I wasn’t going to pay the price she quoted me, so I left. I guess she must sell them by the barrel, at those prices! I did mention to her that cherries are grown in orchards – not patches – so she should change the name of her ranch.

She called me a nut and slammed the door.

They must be great cherries, though. There sure were a lot of guys showing up, as I was leaving.

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