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Sunday, October 22, 2017


NorCo Offers West Easton 0% Loans For Low Income Homeowners

On Friday of last week I attended a meeting at Borough Hall with a representative from Northampton County’s County-Wide Housing Rehabilitation Program, and Joan Heebner, our Borough Manager. I believe it may benefit a number of homeowners in West Easton. I was interested in getting details of a 0% interest loan program that is being

travel reimbursement

Travel Reimbursement – Legal Scalping Of Taxpayers

Recently I attended a Pennsylvania State Association of Boroughs (PSAB) presentation in Harrisburg. PSAB offers many events throughout the year for elected officials – as educational offerings, so that the elected official can better serve their borough. Though some are of little benefit to our small borough, there are others that can be useful. The

unclaimed money

$21,000 Found In Unclaimed Grant Money From 2013 (UPDATE)

West Easton can thank Tatamy Secretary Deanne Werkheiser for notifying our Borough Manager, Joan Heebner, that $21,109 has been sitting unclaimed by West Easton since 2013. It is our share of a $5 million County grant that had been divvied out to municipalities, based on population. My understanding is that Ms. Werkheiser stumbled upon it


Make Your Vehicle Less Appealing To Theft, “Smash and Grab”

With warmer weather approaching I thought it would be beneficial for residents to be reminded that West Easton has had its share of cars being rummaged through and items stolen. My neighbor across the street was a victim. My own locked vehicle was also inspected by the thief, when my security cameras captured the incident in


The No Hassle Christmas Gift

If there’s one thing I hate doing it is Christmas shopping. I don’t do Black Fridays and I’m the guy that ends up at the local WaWa on late Christmas Eve looking for some item of crap that can pass as a gift, or re-gifting crap I got from somebody else the prior year (and hoping


Grant Options Sought For A West Easton Borough Garage

It’s all preliminary work and only the beginning of a long process that includes submitting an application, but it’s hoped the final outcome will cover all, if not most, of the expense of building a new Road Dept. Building. West Easton Council would like to see one built on newly acquired property along Ridge Street. Councilmembers


$125K Grant For 2nd Street Storm Water Problem Moves Forward

A grant for $125,400 to alleviate the storm water problem along 2nd Street in West Easton has been recommended for approval by The County of Northampton’s Community and Economic Development. It also met with approval by Northampton County Council. This means that only HUD is needed to approve the project. The decision from HUD is expected by


Borough Hall Will Get Brick Work Done

Over the past years a corner of Borough Hall has been settling, causing the brickwork to separate at the mortar joints. Exactly why the movement has been occurring isn’t proven beyond a doubt, but one suspect problem was recently corrected and repointing the brick with new mortar will determine if the settling has stopped. It is the


The Last Second Christmas Gift – Email Delivery Gift Cards

If you didn’t get your gift to the post office last week it likely won’t arrive before Christmas Day unless you are ready to lay out some serious cash using some type of express mail service. Don’t sweat waiting until the last minute when Christmas is so close. Now, even if you have less than a minute


Christmas Freebies For Kids (And Adults)

Using your computer and even your mobile phone, there are a few websites that offer free technological gifts to children (and adults) in the form of videos, phone calls, and letters that involve Christmas and Santa. The youngest – those who still believe in Santa – are thrilled to get a personalized message from the Chief


Ready For Winter – With A Generator Power Transfer Panel

Occasionally, I’ll do a review of something I purchased that I think others might benefit from. This is something that I think many would like to know about. If you are a DIY (Do-It-Yourself) homeowner and have ever replaced a circuit breaker then you should be able to handle this relatively easy installation.


Vet Clinic February 22nd, 2015

 Recently I wrote about the Pet Supplies Plus Pet Clinic that will allow you to save an office visit charge from your regular veterinarian for simple non-emergency services, such as vaccinations, deworming and microchipping. There will be another open clinic session on Sunday, February 22nd at the Pet Supplies Plus store located in the mall


Protecting Your Pet From Being Lost – On The Cheap

Though I refer to myself as, “frugal,” some would call me cheap. In certain instances they may be right, but I have learned to save my money where possible, without giving up quality to obtain the required results. One area where I’m quickly learning to save money, but still be responsible, is with my dog,


Prepare Your Car For Winter

Before the weather gets too much colder and the snow begins to fly, now is the time to prepare your car for the winter. When it’s freezing outside, a breakdown could become far worse than a mere inconvenience. To help prevent car trouble, the Federal Emergency Management Agency suggests you or your mechanic follow these


Cell Phone Savings – Finally!

Call me cheap. I refer to the moths in my wallet as being frugal. I’m going to share some of that chea… er, frugality with you. Over the years I’ve used Verizon, AT&T (Cingular), and even tried Walmart’s Straight Talk. Straight talk was a total bomb with lousy connections and dropped calls. I don’t have


No Hassle Online Shopping For School Supplies

School starts this year on August 25th. While you may be happy to see your children return to school and be out from underfoot, the prospect of taking them shopping for school supplies with you might not be too appealing. Not only do you have to deal with checkout lines, but your child(ren) possibly reaching

Click image to get unlock code for your phone.

Unlocking Your Cell Phones Now Legal

President Barack Obama has signed into law a bill making it legal for consumers to “unlock” their cell phones in order to use a different wireless network. This means me and my cell phone unlocking buddies won’t have to worry about the FBI tossing stun grenades through our windows any longer. Having the previous copyright


Low Cost Projects To Boost Home Value

Thinking about selling your home some day? Spending money on a house you are considering selling isn’t exactly an appealing thought. However, changing the look and installing a few changes in the right areas will not only make it more enjoyable to live in, but will increase it’s selling value should you actually decide to


A Reminder About Phishing Emails

Today I received a phishing email (supposedly from Capital One). It reminded me that there are still many people who are fooled by them and continue to lose money to Internet thieves, or have their computers compromised. I’m going to take a few moments and give you some pointers on how to recognize a phishing


Planning Your Vegetable Garden

Yeah, I got a thing for growing vegetables. You’re probably going to see more of these posts in the coming months, so if they’re too boring, don’t read ‘em…


Consider A Vegetable Garden

If you read my article about Monsanto Corp. and Genetically Modified food (GMO’s) that is being provided to us in our supermarkets, you might want to start a garden of your own.

1040 Tax Man

Filing Taxes – Paper vs Electronic

January 15th has come and gone. That’s the deadline businesses are given to have your income reports done and mailed to you, so that you can prepare your tax returns and send them to the IRS by April 15th. Submitting your tax return by e-file and mailing it on paper are the only two ways


‘Tis The Season For eBay

If you failed to get an item you were looking for this past Christmas, you may want to consider looking to eBay.com during the next 4 weeks. Beyond January, not so much.

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