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Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Only Minor Work Remains For 2nd Street Stormwater Project

The digging, banging, and clanking of heavy construction equipment the past weeks has come to an end for residents in the area of 2nd Street. That’s because the Stormwater Project is almost complete, only needing some soil replaced between sidewalks and curbs, sealing done in the areas where a new road surface was laid down,

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Equifax Data Breach – Things You Should Know

Lost among the news of Hurricane Irma is a data breach of consumer information that, if not for the hurricane, would have been the top story on the news. Equifax is one of the three major credit reporting agencies that keep records of your credit history, including personal information, such as your Social Security number

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Republicans Choose FORMER Democrat For West Easton Council Race Replacement – CORRECTION

Please see the correction that will be found below my original post. Necessary corrections are seen in red and were added after the original write-up was posted. I have also made the correction to the headline, noting “Former.” ——————— Incredible as it sounds, Northampton County Republicans have tapped a former Democrat to fill a vacancy

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Dead Pit Bull Dumped In West Easton

One person has apparently moved beyond our problem of cars being abandoned on West Easton streets and lowered the bar. The person abandoned the carcass of a dog. The dead dog was found in the alley area behind Ridge Street. The dog, described as a large brown Pit Bull, was found by a property owner

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Travel Reimbursement – Legal Scalping Of Taxpayers

Recently I attended a Pennsylvania State Association of Boroughs (PSAB) presentation in Harrisburg. PSAB offers many events throughout the year for elected officials – as educational offerings, so that the elected official can better serve their borough. Though some are of little benefit to our small borough, there are others that can be useful. The


Partial Solar Eclipse For West Easton

In one week, officially beginning at about 1:20 PM on August 21st, West Easton will see the sunshine getting a little less bright. By 2:43 PM it may be noticeably darker and the sun will be partially obscured by a large disk covering much of it. But don’t sacrifice a virgin to a volcano, just