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Sunday, October 22, 2017

Council Approves Moving WWI Vet Plaque

Back in May of this year I wrote about the WWI plaque, dedicated to West Easton Veterans who fought in “The World War,” and where that plaque is located. I promised to submit a Resolution to change that location. The Resolution that followed in June was approved by a 4-2 vote (T. Nodoline, Lewis dissenting,


County Council Incumbent Door Knocks In West Easton

Northampton County Councilman Hayden Phillips (R) has taken an old school approach in West Easton, as he seeks re-election to County Council. I arrived home today to find a campaign card, along with a personal sticky note attached. I wasn’t alone. Others residents tell me they found the same on their doors. It impresses me


Halloween Parade Set For October 30th

Have your children’s costumes ready (yours too, if you are so inclined). The West Easton Halloween Parade will be held on Monday, October 30th. This year, the parade will start at the corner of Front and Iron Streets. Children should begin lining up at 5:30 pm, before the parade commences at 6:00 pm. The parade

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Councilman Believes Borough Jeeps Unsafe

Councilman Robert Lewis believes the two Jeeps, purchased by Councilman Tom Nodoline and former Council President Kelly Gross back in 2013, are unsafe to drive. Lewis wanted both vehicles taken out of service, citing what he believes are defects in steering control on both, with one vehicle having multiple problems, including a torn steering wheel

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Council Approves Implementing Emergency Alert System

Council unanimously voted (6-0, T. Nodoline absent) to approve implementing a previously proposed Emergency Alert System at the council meeting this past Monday. Council voted back in March to delay approval while it was determined if there was any interest from residents in enrolling. Approximately 90 residents pre-enrolled since March and are already in the

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Council Recordings Will Be Retained Beyond Recommended Removal Time

Pennsylvania State Association of Boroughs (PSAB) has recommended that boroughs discard digital recordings of meetings immediately following approval of minutes from the meetings. The Borough of West Easton records council meetings on audio only. My personal concern was that meeting minutes don’t reflect everything that was said at a meeting, giving only a condensed synopsis

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Councilman James Warns Residents Of New Phone Scam

If you’ve received a missed call from your own number recently, it’s not from your future self (as cool as that would be). The more plausible explanation is that a spammer is “spoofing” your exact digits in order to steal valuable info or even major bucks. Councilman Paul James warned residents of a new phone

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Mayor Gross Honors Miller Hardware Owner

Mr. Bob Miller, owner of W.C. Miller Hardware, was honored by the Mayor with a Proclamation at the beginning of the Council meeting on Monday night. Mayor Gross proclaimed the 10th day of October, W.C. Miller’s Hardware Day. Mayor Gross referred to Mr. Miller as, West Easton’s Home Depot, while noting that Mr. Miller carries

Council Videos

West Easton Council Meeting 9/11/17

Mayor gives 9/11 Tribute. Concerns from residents on areas in borough. Recreation Report. Wilson Rec. Board Rep. resigns due to work related opportunity. Mayor’s Report. Halloween event discussion. New Travel Policy introduced for review. Resolution for Public Works Building Grant approved. Committee Reports and meeting dates set. Councilman James volunteers to represent borough on Rec.