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Sunday, October 22, 2017


Councilman James Warns Residents Of New Phone Scam

If you’ve received a missed call from your own number recently, it’s not from your future self (as cool as that would be). The more plausible explanation is that a spammer is “spoofing” your exact digits in order to steal valuable info or even major bucks. Councilman Paul James warned residents of a new phone


West Easton Councilman Thwarts Thief – 2 Hour Wait For PSP

Though only a few West Easton residents might feel a part-time police force isn’t necessary for the borough and promote that belief by spreading false information of borough bankruptcy and skyrocketing taxes to other residents, an example of why we need a part-time force was again made apparent last night. Councilman Paul James confronted a


CDBG Approves Replacement Of 2nd St. Sidewalks If Money Remains

Residents along a portion of 2nd Street received hope this past Friday. A large swath of walkways damaged by stormwater along 2nd Street, between Keystone and Center, will have sidewalks replaced using any money remaining from the Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) of $125,000. Initially turned away by CDBG, as part of the 2nd Street

COP_Badge (2)

West Easton To Advertise For Part-Time Police Chief

West Easton Council members in attendance at last night’s meeting voted unanimously to advertise for a part-time Chief of Police for the borough (DePaul, Dees, Lewis, James, Mammana affirming). The Chief of Police advertisement will appear in The Express-Times, as well as online. The advertisement will direct potential candidates to obtain an application from Borough


Council Approves Forming Part-Time Police Force In 5-2 Vote

It’s been cautious baby-steps as West Easton Council investigated the formation of a part-time police force. Though only a “thought” by newly elected Council members in 2016, the idea of a part-time police force had to be vigorously investigated as an alternative to an outrageous contract cost proposed by Wilson Borough, to provide police coverage


Do You Recognize This Vehicle?

The owner and location of this vehicle is being sought as a “vehicle of interest” in an incident involving tires being illegally dumped at the bottom of Glendon Hill Road. Truck is believed to be blue or possibly black 2003 Chevy Silverado 4×4 with chrome guard rails running along top of bed sides. If you

Flood in Bhopal

2nd Street Homeowners Flood Council Meeting

West Easton homeowners living on 2nd Street and subjected to storm water problems came out in force at last night’s Council meeting. They showed up, looking to speak indirectly to someone they hoped would be attending, by addressing the Council. They were aware of Council Candidate Tricia Mezzacappa’s public comments that a problem didn’t exist on their


Candidate Mezzacappa On 2nd St. Grant: “Maybe People Should Take Care Of Their Own Properties”

Candidate Tricia Mezzacappa has made no secret of her position regarding West Easton obtaining grants. She is against grants. Her running mate, Councilman Tom Nodoline, running for re-election this year, has so far remained quiet on the subject. At the March 13th Council Meeting, her belief, repeated for her by Council President Dan DePaul, that West Easton


Part-Time Police Moves Forward With Approved Resolutions

Four Resolutions were approved by Council in unanimous votes that will allow West Easton begin meeting some of the requirements from State Police and Harrisburg for our own part-time Police Department. These are in no particular order of importance: Chief of Police – Description of his position as an Executive Officer under the direction of the Mayor.


Part-Time Police For West Easton May Prevent Possible $31,375 PSP Cost

Harrisburg is discussing charging communities a fee of $25 per resident – if they rely soley on Pennsylvania State Police (PSP) for protection. Gov. Tom Wolf made the proposal in his budget submission. The fee would generate about $63 million from municipalities affected, providing an additional $30.7 million to PSP for municipal coverage, for a total


Dees Confesses Everything To The Fratellis

My political opponent may have to go back farther than 35 years to find anything useful, but I’ve helped with some sensational headline twisting on my family line – political style. Dees’ great-great grandfather tried to destroy the United States of America ! (He fought for the Confederacy.) Dees’ grandfather attacked toward U.S. soldiers in WWI ! (He was


People Need To Remember We Are A Democracy

I don’t remember a presidential election in my lifetime that has resulted in such an open demonstration of everything our country isn’t supposed to represent. The most radical of both parties are rising up and I don’t think they represent the majority of their respective parties. Anti-Trump protesters are burning Trump in effigy. Trump supporters


West Easton Police Department? Safety Committee Revives Possibility

Call it, “Option C.” West Easton creating our own Police Department. Option “A” was a contract with Wilson Borough. As previously reported, the full-time police contract would have been a hardship on taxpayers and untenable in a relatively short term due to the proposed increases each year. Starting price: $250,000 Option “B” was to approach and negotiate a contract with The City


What’s Up With Police Coverage For West Easton?

It’s a question I’m often asked. It’s been a concern for Mayor Gross and all of us on Council. I read a story this morning on the Express-Times website (ET) about an “Easton-area borough” (that would be us) “considering a police shakeup” (whatever that means). As residents know, we haven’t had local police patrols since we lost


Pokemon Go or Pokemon Stop

What has Pokémon Go succeeded in doing within 8 weeks that First Lady Michelle Obama couldn’t accomplish in 8 years? Answer: Getting kids moving. Have you noticed more people than usual staring at their phones? Are they walking around in odd places (your front yard, for example) like they’re looking for something? Well, those folks


Resident Loses Cash To Fake Water Company Workers

A West Easton resident reported the theft of $600 by two men who posed as workers from the water company. Both wore ID’s that proved to be fake, when the water company was contacted after the theft was realized. You should never allow anyone posing as a worker from any utility company to enter your home without


Silence Isn’t Golden In West Easton Computergate – The RTKL Security Videos

A server with financial information for West Easton Borough left the grounds without approval or knowledge of Council. Old computers containing files and information removed and destroyed in apparent violation of the Municipal Records Retention Act. If a picture is worth a thousand words, how many questions is a video worth?  


West Easton Council Votes For Public Opinion Decision In Computergate

Returning from an Executive Session at last night’s Council Meeting the West Easton Council decided in a 4-0 vote (M. Dees abstaining, L. Niko absent, T. Nodoline absent) that surveillance video involving our computers would be released for the public. This now allows anyone who submits a Right To Know Law Request to obtain security camera


Computergate Progress

Progress is finally being made with the computers at West Easton Borough Hall. The former IT person is now cooperating with the current IT person that has been assisting us with some of the computer issues. This, after it appeared he had stopped communicating with us last week. I was also able to speak with


West Easton’s Computergate Update

I thought I might be the first to use the term, “Computergate,” but apparently it was used in 2014 when an ex-Representative in Pennsylvania was convicted in a scandal involving computers. Brett O. Feese once represented Lycoming County, headed the House Republican Campaign Committee, and served as the chief legal counsel for House Republicans. He


Both West Easton Plow Trucks Out Of Service

Pray for warm weather and no more snow in West Easton, as both plow trucks need to be repaired before they can go back to work. The older plow has a broken axle and the new plow broke the knuckles off one of the wheel joints, Councilman Henry Nodoline reported at last night’s Council meeting.

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