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Sunday, October 22, 2017


West Easton Council Meeting 9/11/17

Mayor gives 9/11 Tribute. Concerns from residents on areas in borough. Recreation Report. Wilson Rec. Board Rep. resigns due to work related opportunity. Mayor’s Report. Halloween event discussion. New Travel Policy introduced for review. Resolution for Public Works Building Grant approved. Committee Reports and meeting dates set. Councilman James volunteers to represent borough on Rec.


West Easton Council Meeting 7/24/17 (VIDEO)

Fire Chief Bill Bogari, Jr. requests adoption of International Fire Code, Borough Engineer provides review of 2nd Street project and residents have questions. Council awards project bid, presentation from Barry Isett representative regarding new unfunded pollution/sediment reduction mandate from DEP, advertising of part-time police chief approved, more.


West Easton Council Meeting 6/12/17 (VIDEO)

Approval of checks, Treasurer’s report, May meeting minutes. Wilson Recreation Board Rep. Jeff Breidinger Jr. gives report. Engineer gives update on 2nd St. Storm Water Project. Office asks for approval of a Vendor Contact Policy. Resolutions approved regarding War Monument and support of proposed State legislation to increase littering fines. Ordinance to establish Police Dept.


West Easton Council Meeting 5/8/17 (VIDEO)

Asphalt Maintenance Solutions presentation. Engineer’s preliminary plans for 2nd Street Storm Water Project. Part-time Police moves forward with advertising approval for the establishment of a department and Police Chief. Discussion regarding UGI work on Spring Street. Other business.  


West Easton Council Meeting 4/24/17 (VIDEO)

Some Sewer Acct. monies put in a CD. Public Comment from a resident concerned about possible rodents on neighbors property. Jeff Breidenger, Jr.’s report as our representative on the Wilson Athletic Association. Mayor’s Report – Concern about stop signs being run and thanks all for both dedication ceremonies. Office Report – $500 Donation made to


West Easton Council Meeting 4/10/17 (VIDEO)

Wilson Baseball gets use of field, our Wilson Rec Board Rep. Jeff Breidinger Jr. gives report. Public Comment from residents: Road cracks, 2nd St. flooding. Office Report, Mayor’s Report. Bid opened for 2017 road work, Fire Code discussion, paper alley problem between residents, some General and Sewer Fund monies placed in CD, Jeff Breidinger Jr.


West Easton Council Meeting 11/28/16 (VIDEO)

Bills paid, budget discussion, resident makes Kelly Gross inquiry (5:50 – 12:42), proposed Quality of Life ordinance, meeting times in 2017 changed, raise for new governing body tabled.  


West Easton Council Meeting 10/24/16 (VIDEO)

This Council meeting was held following the Halloween Parade that evening. Another increase in the final cost for the completed Adamson Street road project is presented to Council, sparking annoyance from some Council members during discussions. An offer of payment to owners of Ridge Street property is approved. Activities Committee generates approx. $200 for their fund, from


West Easton Council Meeting 6/13/16 (VIDEO)

Got your popcorn ready? It was a long meeting. Public Comment Session: Mezzacappa gets schooled about public comment rights and when information about her lawsuit can be made public (that which is made public in open court). Asks Council to censure me. Mayors Report: Police coverage, street lighting. Engineers Report: Road repair projects. Solicitors Report:


West Easton Council Meeting 5/23/16 (VIDEO)

A relatively brief meeting that went smoothly until the last 15 minutes when resident Tricia Mezzacappa feigned concern for the borough over what is really personal grievances with me. In The Video: The appointment of Paul James to Council / Advertising For Road Projects / Banking Change From Lafayette To Merchants / Additional Authorized Signature For Check


West Easton Council Meeting 3/28/16 (VIDEO)

A relatively quick West Easton Council Meeting (when compared to the previous ones). It lasted only an hour, but provided some information for residents on the status of items, while Council was informed of a couple of problems residents were having.


West Easton Council Meeting 2/22/16 (VIDEO)

T & M owed $6488 in unpaid bills from previous work done for last Council / Approval of checks / EZ Micro Representative explains computer and support proposal / Public Comment: Paul James volunteers to participate in a Block Watch : A question about police coverage : A question about snow emergency routes and towing vehicles


West Easton Council Meeting 2/8/16 (VIDEO)

Mayor reports on preliminary approach to Wilson Borough for police coverage / Recovering Borough funds from Kelly Gross / Discussion of new truck problems and purchase agreement / Office Report involving computers and sewer bills / Borough Insurance / Rebate of Snow Removal Expenditure / Borough Hall repair needs / Recovering monies due to missing computers / Hiring


West Easton Council Meeting 1/11/16 (VIDEO)

It was a long evening, starting with a reaffirmation vote of Council Officers, but we are all moving forward with borough business. Personally, and I think I can speak for everyone else when saying, it was pleasing to see every seat filled with residents. Thank you for attending! The next meeting will be held on Monday,


West Easton Reorganization (VIDEO)

Trying to put something back together, that was dismantled, isn’t easy. There was a lot for the new 2016 Council to do last night and much to discuss. Changes were made. It will take more council meetings to address the many issues that still exist.


West Easton Council Meeting 12/14/15 (VIDEO)

Mayor Gross receives recognition for 50 years of service / Fred Lahovski speaks of interest in Code Enforcement Officer position with borough / Budget questions arise / Loss of casino grant for road work discussion / Unwarranted fear mongering about review of DIY homeowners kit for a portable Generator Power Transfer Panel, found on this website.


West Easton Council Meeting 11/9/15 (VIDEO)

It’s a long one, but has its’ moments of entertainment. I apologize for missing the first few minutes. A nose bleed had me leaving the camera to stem it and by the time I was able to return, the meeting had started.

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