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Saturday, February 24, 2018


Why West Easton Recycles

West Easton Borough is committed to participating and doing its part in recycling. Please remember to separate your recycling items for pick up. Here are some reasons you should: Reduce the Size of Landfills: One of the biggest reasons why recycling has been promoted is that it reduces the strain on our environment. By utilizing


Seeking Recycling Bins For Residents Through A Grant

Working with our Borough Manager, Joan Heebner, I will be seeking a grant for residents to receive a blue, 32 gallon recycling bin that will be the property of West Easton Borough, but assigned to each homeowner for use. The grant is a 10/90, which translates to West Easton paying 10 percent of the cost


Trestles To Trails Has Hurdles To Clear

At a scheduled Grants Committee Meeting, a planned informational meeting was conducted to find out if our train trestles could be incorporated into a trail that would connect West Easton to Wilson (and Palmer owned property, or Easton). The informational meeting was informal and took on an air of brainstorming solutions to possible problems and


Utilities Committee Exploring Possible Sewer Charge Revision

The West Easton Utilities Committee is exploring the feasibility and fairness of changing the sewer fees charged to residents. In West Easton, all residents are charged equally for sewer water treatment. That water treatment charge is based on meter readings of all water meters recording water supplied by Easton Suburban Water Authority.  Easton Area Joint


New LED Street Lights Get Mixed Reviews

Depending on who I talk to, the opinions on the new LED street lights vary from one end of the spectrum to the other. One resident told me she felt they weren’t bright enough and were too focused on the area below the pole. “It’s like a spotlight. The light doesn’t expand far enough” the


Urban Farmer Looks At Possible West Easton Location

Justin Fratz used to live in West Easton. He may return with a business if he can obtain approval to establish a small urban farm on a piece of property along Lehigh Drive. He talked to Council about it on Monday night. The farm would be about an acre in size, growing vegetables and fruit for wholesale.


Dumpers Beware! West Easton Will Be Watching

Weary of cleaning up Lehigh Drive and Glendon Road, West Easton will install multiple cameras in undisclosed locations to photograph and prosecute those who dump tires, televisions, furniture, construction debris, and other garbage at night along these roadways. The purchase of cameras was approved at a previous Council meeting. Equipped with night vision and motion sensors


West Easton Council Approves Joining Electronic Cleanup Day

West Easton will be a participating member in a multi-municipality clean-up effort of electronics and other items to be recycled. The motion to approve the shared cost of the event passed unanimously at Monday’s Council Meeting. The cost to West Easton will be approximately $162, which included advertising the event. Northampton County contributed $2400 to


Electronics Recycling Day April 16th

West Easton will likely join an electronic recycling event to be held on April 16th from 9:00 AM to 12:00 PM. Initially begun by Tatamy Borough, it was quickly embraced by other municipalities in the area, which will share the cost from the company providing the service. The company will provide labor to unload vehicles, all the trucks required during the 3


New Federal Fracking Regulations Welcomed By Environmentalists

New Federal regulations that go into effect 3 months from now, have the Oil & Gas Industry fuming in more ways than they are used to, while environmentalists are finally seeing the industry having to meet expected safe drilling practices that will protect the land and the drinking water. After three years of debate, the


You Think You Recycle? Take A Look At This!

High upon a promontory on South Bass Island in Lake Erie at Put-in-Bay, Ohio, sits the Owners and Captains Quarters of the former Great Lakes Shipping Boat, The Benson Ford. The boat was built by Henry Ford and named after his grandson. The Benson Ford was originally a cargo ship for the Ford Motor Company.


Northampton County’s 4-H Fruit Tree Sale

If you’ve ever eaten a ripened fruit picked off a tree you know there is nothing better found in our local stores. Now, you have an opportunity to purchase a young fruit tree from Northampton County’s 4-H.


A Tomato Hornworm Meets Alien

If you’re like me, we’re ardent fans of homegrown tomatoes. You prefer the taste of real tomatoes and not the greenhouse, or cardboard varieties the stores overcharge for. Today, I found something that I had only read about and didn’t recognize it when I found it.  I’d like to introduce my fellow gardeners to it.


Audrey In The Garden

If I wasn’t such a cheap SOB I would have spent the $7 to enter the Zucchini 500 in Easton this past weekend. I’m growing zucchini that would have literally crushed the competition. The plant itself is the domesticated version of Audrey, that blood loving, people eating plant from Little Shop of Horrors. It is


The Vegetable Garden Update

Back on April 18th you read about the vegetable garden I started this year. There was a brief spell of warm weather and I took advantage of it to put in some young plants and seeds. I also tried a different garden plan, using mounds, rather than flat ground. I had a mixed bag of

Wheelbarrow garden

The Garden Can’t Wait

Farmers tell me that they don’t plant seed until around the end of the 1st week of May. This, they say, is when all danger of frost has passed and the ground is warm enough for seeds to germinate. I guess I’m jumping the gun, because I’m planting my seedlings today.


Planning Your Vegetable Garden

Yeah, I got a thing for growing vegetables. You’re probably going to see more of these posts in the coming months, so if they’re too boring, don’t read ‘em…


Consider A Vegetable Garden

If you read my article about Monsanto Corp. and Genetically Modified food (GMO’s) that is being provided to us in our supermarkets, you might want to start a garden of your own.


Governor Corbett Fracks Over Pennsylvania

For those of us who live in Northampton County, we don’t hear a lot of news about fracking being used in the oil and gas industry. That’s because most of the fracking being done in Pennsylvania is taking place in its western and northern counties. For those unfamiliar with “fracking,” other than it being used


GMO Food – The Monsanto Monopoly That Could Be Killing Us (Video)

This past growing season I planted a garden in my backyard. I had a friend come in with a 4′ wide tiller and turn over an area about 20′ x 24′. I then ordered a few cubic yards of organic soil from a local nursery. I created my garden for a number of reasons.


Recycle “Anything With A Plug” Event

West Easton is hosting a spring cleaning for all those items with a plug that isn’t allowed on normal trash days. You’ll be able to get rid of them on April 27th by bringing them to the Borough Hall parking lot. This “Anything With A Plug” Event is open to everyone. Even those who reside

Money Tree

Green Money Saving Tips

Here are simple ways you can save yourself money and go green. Though some of them may take money to get started, the long term savings will pay back your initial outlay and you’ll see the savings in the form of reduced bills.

Homemade Weed Killers

Green Alternatives For Killing Weeds

How Can You Avoid Cancer Causing Herbicides? Here’s a few less offensive ideas for use around the home and still be in compliance with Ordinance #631. Baking Soda- If you want to prevent grass and weeds from growing in the cracks of your walkways, driveways, and garden paths, keep a box of baking soda in

Energy Star Tax Credit

Tax Credit With Energy Star Appliances

Just in time for tax season, Congress has given American homeowners and businesses a chance to keep a little more of their hard-earned money. Late on January 1, 2013, the “fiscal cliff showdown” ended with the House passing a bill to avert income tax increases for Americans and large cuts in spending for government programs.

Death of The Incandescent

The Lights Are Going Out

The incandescent light bulb will soon be a collectors item. The invention that brought us out of the dark, but deemed too inefficient in today’s environmentally aware society, will be phased off the U.S. market by the end of 2014 under the energy law approved by Congress in 2007. Although this will