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Saturday, February 24, 2018


Residents Oppose Treatment Center

Residents came out in opposition to the proposed 176 bed Residential Treatment Center at last night’s Conditional Use Hearing. Much of their opposition was based on having to deal with issues relating to the existing Work Release Facility already in operation at the same location along Main Street. While I am not pleased with the


FCC Votes To End Net Neutrality – How It Affects You

Over the last couple of years, I occasionally posted opinions on the argument over Net Neutrality. I urged people to contact their legislators to continue fighting the large corporations desire to see it end. Though there was a grassroots campaign to maintain Net Neutrality, it didn’t garner the overwhelming voice it required. The net neutrality


Junior Councilperson Program To Get A Reboot

A new Resolution is expected to be presented to Council at the December 11th Council Meeting, in order to better define the Junior Councilperson Program (JCP). There is an applicant for the JCP awaiting Council approval and that will likely be addressed at the next Council meeting, as well. With the last election cycle now


Thank You For Your Sacrifice

Today, I thank all veterans for their service, but am especially grateful to a different class of veteran. While I appreciate those who occasionally thank me for being a veteran, my personal feeling is that my veteran status was more of a security guard. I was a watchman that maintained our forces readiness, should the


Thank You

I didn’t want another day to pass without properly thanking those who voted and made my re-election successful. I am truly grateful for the opportunity to serve again on Council. I am honored that you trust me to continue doing what is best for West Easton – to keep it financially healthy, safe, and the

door knock

County Council Incumbent Door Knocks In West Easton

Northampton County Councilman Hayden Phillips (R) has taken an old school approach in West Easton, as he seeks re-election to County Council. I arrived home today to find a campaign card, along with a personal sticky note attached. I wasn’t alone. Others residents tell me they found the same on their doors. It impresses me

Purto Rico Maria

Puerto Rico – Americans In Need

In a recent speech, President Donald Trump explained Puerto Rico to Americans who don’t live there. I believe he was given the geography lesson on Puerto Rico from his Secretary of Education, Betsy DeVos. Regrettably, he might be explaining it as best he can. That may actually be a good thing for those living in


Tricia Mezzacappa May Have Torpedoed Public Works Building Grant

For those who don’t believe in grants that can save your community money, give Tricia Mezzacappa a big, “Thank You!” Writing in her “official” role of Constable, Tricia Mezzacappa has apparently sent a letter to Senator Lisa Boscola and State Representative Bob Freeman, asking them to rescind their endorsement of a grant application West Easton


West Easton Borough Facebook Page Benefits Residents

Last year, Borough Manager Joan Heebner asked my opinion on West Easton having an official Facebook page. Joan wanted my thoughts on a “community” account. My opinion was that, because it came at no cost to the borough, she can do what she thought was best to help get out information to residents. My only


Councilman Dees Wants WWI Vets Sent To The Front

2017 marks the 100-year anniversary of the United States entering World War One. West Easton had 55 men serve in the Armed Forces during that war. They, along with every U.S. veteran who served in “The World War,” as it was referred to before WWII, have passed away. The last U.S. Veteran of World War


The Best West Easton Democrat Primary Candidates

Since the lone Republican candidate for Council seems intent on trying to influence the Democrat primary by putting up a banner and making phone calls to Democrats I am going to give my own unsolicited endorsement of those I feel would best serve West Easton, but first, let me give my opinion of who must


Council Approves Engineer Inspection Of Borough Hall Roof

An engineer from Barry Isett & Associates will be paid to inspect the roof of Borough Hall and give his recommendation on how a roofer should shingle it. Though the roof isn’t leaking, it was installed when the building was erected in 1991. The roof shingles may be in need of replacement, as they approach


Councilman Tom Nodoline Rolls Out The Toilet Issue

Much to my surprise at the March 27th Council meeting, Councilman Tom Nodoline actually brought up a toilet when trying to deflect his involvement in West Easton’s Computergate, in which computers were removed, hard drives ordered drilled, work stations locked out with undisclosed passwords, and files wiped of information important to borough business. That doesn’t even


Don Rickles Was Truly Mr. Warmth

You will hear a lot about Don Rickles in the next 48 hours, as he passed away yesterday from kidney failure at the age of 90. You all know I don’t write about the passing of celebrities, but I’m making an exception for Don. His tributes will come from names who are recognizable – actors, comedians, and


Millionaire? Councilman Dees Owns HostGator Says Tricia Mezzacappa

The quote below was made during the last Public Comment portion of the West Easton Council Meeting, held on February 13th, 2017. Mezzacappa was addressing Council President Dan DePaul. She left the meeting immediately after throwing it out there. “About this advertising on the Borough website, Dan. If somebody advertises that’s one thing. If somebody


Meet The Real Tricia Mezzacappa

  Republican candidate for West Easton Council, Trisha Mezzacappa, wrote to me yesterday. It wasn’t the usual anonymous comment on Bernie O’Hares political blog, but from her own email address. Soon after I published my previous post about Mezzacappa shouting at Monday’s Council meeting I was treated to an email from her. Others I’ve gotten are just your general


Why You Should Apply For The Vacant Council Seat

There is a vacancy on Council due to Ron Nixon’s resignation. I won’t lie to you and tell you that you have a chance of being appointed to the Council seat left open by Ron’s resignation, if you apply today. There are people who have already put in a letter of interest. There are those


It’s Raining Dems! In West Easton Primary

Democrats are going to make a race of it in the upcoming Primary with a shower of 7 candidates. That’s a good thing and something I’m pleased to see, even if it means I could lose in the Primary to a newcomer. At the conclusion of this election, no matter who is on Council, they can


Council President Dan DePaul Provides 14 Month Council Review

When West Easton Council President Dan DePaul saw what Councilman Tom Nodoline’s wife, Patty Nodoline, posted on Facebook he thought it strange that this Council would be described as “out of control.” Especially when Tom Nodoline was the keystone for former Council President Kelly Gross. DePaul knows this Council has done much in a short time to regain control of a


Tricia Mezzacappa Validates Einstein Conclusion

Our West Easton Constable, Tricia Mezzacappa, spoke at the Public Comments portion of last night’s Council Meeting. She started out well, asking a legitimate question about the lack of a Borough Complaint Form on the borough’s website. Our Borough Manager said she would get it on the website. I had a brief hope that her comments might actually


Contentious Issue Of PSAB Webinar Costs Leads To Argument

There is no avoiding the fact that what occurred last night, between myself and Councilman Robert Lewis was anything less than a loud argument over the spending of money on Pennsylvania State Association of Boroughs (PSAB) webinars and their worth to those on Council. PSAB offers webinars and conferences each year to elected officials. Webinars are

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