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Saturday, February 24, 2018

West Easton Midget Football – A Look Back


I was in Borough Hall yesterday when residents Barry and Laverne Everitt stopped by.

They had with them a folder with a few pictures of West Easton’s midget football teams and cheerleaders from years long ago, when the community had far less drama than it has today.

The Wevona Bears and Cheerleader Cubs existed during simpler times in West Easton. No computers, cell phones, Facebook, Twitter, or lawsuits. A time when every resident worked toward building a better West Easton.

Since they aren’t familiar with computers, Mr. and Mrs. Everitt were hoping to get the pictures copied. Pictures don’t transfer well onto paper, so I offered to take the pictures home, scan them, and burn them onto a disc. They can now take the disc to any photo shop and have reproductions made on quality photo paper.

Below are the three pictures that the Everitts wanted to share with everyone. Clicking on them will take you to an enlargement.

Can you identify the adults and kids in the photos? I’ve been made aware of some names, but I thought it might be fun to see how many you recognize. To start you off, I tagged Mayor Gross, Mr. Everitt, and Councilman Henry Nodoline (Henry didn’t need the Big and Tall store back then for his uniform).

Take note of those helmets. Not one face guard to be found. Tough kids back then.

I have opened this post for comments (scroll down) from registered visitors. If you have pictures of West Easton from years past, I would be happy to accept them for publication.

Picture #1

White Sweater - Gerald Gross, #14 - Henry Nodoline, #9 - Barry Everitt

White Sweater – Gerald Gross, #14 – Henry Nodoline, #9 – Barry Everitt

Picture #2

Recognize anyone?

Recognize anyone?

Picture #3

The Cubs - 1962 Cheerleaders

The Cubs – 1962 Cheerleaders

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