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Saturday, February 24, 2018

Tricia Mezzacappa May Have Torpedoed Public Works Building Grant


For those who don’t believe in grants that can save your community money, give Tricia Mezzacappa a big, “Thank You!”

Writing in her “official” role of Constable, Tricia Mezzacappa has apparently sent a letter to Senator Lisa Boscola and State Representative Bob Freeman, asking them to rescind their endorsement of a grant application West Easton has made for more than $301,000 to erect a much needed Public Works Building.

In her letter, she claims this Council of, “wasted funds,” “mismanagement,” “incompetence,” “met in secret,” and other acts undeserving of a grant.

She went so far as to state that Kelly Gross and Tom Nodoline, who at one time she accused of corruption in office and hated with a passion on her now defunct blog, were the victims of a conspiracy by this present Council.

“They lied and fabricated evidence against these two distinguished former public servants,” wrote Mezzacappa. With that statement, Constable Mezzacappa now claims this Council performed an illegal act in a conspiracy against Kelly Gross and Tom Nodoline.

Mezzacappa’s latest letter to Boscola and Freeman brings back memories of her past letter writing technique. She wrote to Wilson Borough Council in 2013, urging them to, “Just say, ‘No’,” to a police contract with West Easton.

That’s when Kelly Gross and Tom Nodoline were on Council together.

In that letter to Wilson Borough she appears to have a different opinion of the former Council in 2013 and holds little back about the former Council President. Kelly Gross was a “Tyrant” in 2013, but for the Boscola and Freeman letter she just wrote, Kelly is now, “distinguished.”

Also in 2013, there was, “totalitarianism and this Hitler-type faction of political oppression,” in West Easton, according to Mezzacappa. That statement showed up in her letter defending Ross Township murderer Rockne Newell.

Now, she gives praise to the previous Council they ran. She cites them for being “respectful of public funds.”

Mezzacappa will say anything, if it serves her purpose. In this case, it’s to blow our chances of obtaining a grant. Betterment of the community be damned, if she can spite the Council.

At one point in her newest letter, she claims that no resident wants a part-time police force (another false claim of wasteful spending). She states there are, “hundreds of signatures” on the anti-police petition.

She also claims that the anti-police petition signers also supported a full merger with Wilson. I have a copy of that petition and nowhere on it is any indication of a desire of signers to merge with Wilson Borough. I doubt anyone wants to pay Wilson Borough’s 17.5 mil rate.

In fact, only 55 residents signed the anti-police petition given to Council and many of those who signed were lied to about the cost and given false claims of skyrocketing taxes.

That Mezzacappa would want to ruin an opportunity for an entire community to save money and obtain a needed building, by twisting facts and fabricating stories, is beyond normal reasoning.

Mezzacappa seems unable to grasp the concept that, though you may utterly despise a few (or more?) on your Council, you don’t try and screw over your entire community.

This one letter, no matter how bizarre in its allegations and claims, may have accomplished what she desired. To see West Easton not obtain almost $302,000 in grant money.

It will take a lot of letters and phone calls to Boscola and Freeman, from the rest of us, to offset Mezzacappa’s latest act of vindictiveness.

Because of that letter we may be forced to pull the full $90,000 from our own General Fund, allotted in our previous budget, for a bare-bones Public Works Building – when we could have gotten so much better for only $50,000 of our own money.

These ignorant outbursts by Mezzacappa may be the reason she withdrew from the General Election. People have come to understand that she has no interest in representing West Easton’s best interests. It’s about her need for revenge. She fared so poorly in the Primary (a mere 24 votes in an unopposed Republican ticket for Council) she knew she was destined for total embarrassment, if she stayed for November.

Republicans sent a message that they want a viable candidate. Not an anarchist.

She gave her seat to Betty-Jo Hockman (formerly, Bonners).

Mezzacappa said she gave her seat to Betty-Jo after the Primary, because Betty-Jo agreed to switch from Democrat to Republican (Betty-Jo lost the Democrat Primary). Mezzacappa believes Betty-Jo thinks as she does.

Of course, that’s the Mezzacappa version, but I know Betty-Jo. We are co-workers and have an amicable relationship. I find it difficult to believe she thinks the way Mezzacappa does. I doubt anyone does.

I’ve sent a copy the newest Mezzacappa letter to Betty-Jo and asked for a statement. While she did sign the anti-police petition, I think the voters should know if she is anti-grants, as well.

Should she respond with a written statement, I will post it. I will also be posting Mezzacappa’s anti-grant letter.

UPDATE: 10:15

Betty-Jo and I spoke this morning. She told me she is in favor of grants (anything that will save taxpayers money). I’m hoping she will forward a written statement.

Disclaimer: Beginning January 4, 2016, the owner of WestEastonPA.com began serving on the West Easton Council following an election. Postings and all content found on this website are the opinions of Matthew A. Dees and may not necessarily represent the opinion of the governing body for The Borough of West Easton.

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