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Thursday, January 18, 2018

Meet The Real Tricia Mezzacappa



Republican candidate for West Easton Council, Trisha Mezzacappa, wrote to me yesterday. It wasn’t the usual anonymous comment on Bernie O’Hares political blog, but from her own email address.

Soon after I published my previous post about Mezzacappa shouting at Monday’s Council meeting I was treated to an email from her. Others I’ve gotten are just your general mill variety type, wherein she complains about me to other Council members, accuses me of hacking, planting viruses, destroying computers, and other bizarre theories that conclude with demanding my resignation.

One day, I’ll have to get around to posting the request for an investigation she sent to Northampton County DA, John Morganelli. It, of course, involved me and computers. If you listen hard enough, on a quiet day, you can still hear laughter coming from the direction of the Northampton County Courthouse.

This one however, was the Mezzacappa that most residents don’t know, as she is extremely adept at being a chameleon when she wants something. The trouble is, a person can only hide behind a façade for so long, before their real personality surfaces. You saw a bit of her true self in the last Council meeting video of 3/13/17, beginning at the time of 14:00. This email exposes a little more of that unfiltered anger.

It also may explain why she is so intent on seeing my DD-214 from the National Archive, which she continues to bring up at every Council meeting. She obviously doesn’t know that when I served, homosexuals in the Navy were given a “General” discharge, not the Honorable one I received.

She mistakenly believes I am gay. I am not, but I also don’t care who is. Maybe she thinks my ex-wife of 17 years, children, and a few live-in relationships after my divorce was all an elaborate beard, so I could serve on Council in West Easton?

I’m guessing her using the word, “faggot” was supposed to insult me, but I’m not a homophobe. She apparently is and I’ll leave it for her to explain to those who are gay, have gay relatives, or gay friends, what she meant when she used the word in relation to my DD-214.

You’ll also see a fine example of the expletive I’ve heard from her before. I’m not really surprised at what comes out of her mouth. In a police report, witnesses said she used the “N-word” in an incident involving a honking taxi, outside her home.

You’ll get an idea of why she lost her car and her mother paid $40,000 relating to a defamation suit against her, she was found guilty of harassing a former Borough Clerk, and found guilty of disorderly conduct in an incident at Borough Hall.

It may also help you understand why I will never release an un-redacted DD-214, containing my SSN and other personal information to her. There are reasons why our government provides 62 years of privacy to military veterans and somebody like Mezzacappa is one of them.

I changed nothing in her email, including her name calling, accusations, misspellings, cRaZy punctuation, and her always familiar lack of understanding the need for an apostrophe. (“Its” is possessive, Tricia. “It’s” is the contraction for, “It is.” Work on “thats,” as well. “Thats” is not a word.)

No surprise your venom spewing mouth is at it again, loser! I was a former municipal accountant/ municipal auditor, so the fake spin of Dan trying to dupe people that he came in 175K under budget is just that. Lies and duping. He thinks everyone is as dumb as a brick, like he is. Road repairs are general fund expenses. That he or others cooked the books to grab from one fund and spend it in another fund, but not record the transactions as general fund expenses, is a book cooker…any way you want to spin it, thats (sic) what it is. Tax and spend council spend way more than budget, and way more than was taken in,..in FY 2016.

Here’s a story for you hate blogger. I have all of Goudsouzian invoices for 2016 and 2017. Holy moley! Looks like Dan has to have his hand held like a little boy who needs his mommy…a councilman of 20 years has to outsource every damn thing , every day…like he has this guy on speed dial or something. Its (sic) pathetic beyond belief. Have you seen these invoices? Billing time for everything under the sun, and then some. Why did we hire a full time staff and a Borough Manager? He’s billed us about 2 grand for “police department” yet we have no officers, and no station. 

He’s billing for “Constable matters”…..maybe he should run for Constable. 

He’s billed for “election matters”

He’s billed for "Tom/ Kelly matters”

How many times did he bill us for “affidavit of Joan Hebner”(sic) in a RTK denial of a budget report? The same report that Joan gave me, but denied to Tom? I think 3 times. 

Here’s an idea…why don’t you dunce caps do your jobs and stop fucking around ?

Those who need to lean on a lawyer every day of adult like (sic) are likely those about to be tossed into a cell.

Have a nice day faggot!  Is that what your DD-214 says?

Tricia Mezzacappa
817 Ridge Street
West Easton, PA  18042
Disclaimer: Beginning January 4, 2016, the owner of WestEastonPA.com began serving on the West Easton Council following an election. Postings and all content found on this website are the opinions of Matthew A. Dees and may not necessarily represent the opinion of the governing body for The Borough of West Easton.

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