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Saturday, February 24, 2018

Council President Dan DePaul’s Response On Computer System Purchase


Yesterday evening I posted my opinion and facts regarding why I voted to accept the proposal from EZ Micro for a new computer system.

It didn’t take long before I received a text message from Council President Dan DePaul. As it was almost 9pm and I wasn’t going to get into a text exchange when I have to get up at 4am, I offered him what I have offered every elected official since this website went public. I told him to send me an email and I would copy and paste his response.

Below, is what he sent to me.

I stand by my own report that several attempts were made to solicit other quotes and further delay of getting a quality system and support would have only subjected the Borough to extended risk.

Knowing there was only one estimate the point is, in your personal life when you purchased a large ticket item like a (car)!do you shop around and go to one dealer or do you go to several dealers and get the best price you can for what you need. When we spend your tax payers dollars the same principal should apply get several estimates, was this practice done in the borough in the past (yes). When we finally found out what we needed companies were contacted 1 never got back to us and the other we never got back to them. So at the end of February till now calls could've been made to other local companies to try to get other estimates but that was not done and it was up to the office to make the calls.

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