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Saturday, February 24, 2018

international fire code

New Fire Code Ordinance To Be Advertised

Safety First Fire Chief Bill Bogari, Jr. addressed the West Easton Council on Monday, requesting they support adopting a new fire code ordinance for the borough. He would like the International Fire Code adopted, rather than the one being used today. Chief Bogari informed the Council and public in attendance that the Borough is using


Council Approves Forming Part-Time Police Force In 5-2 Vote

It’s been cautious baby-steps as West Easton Council investigated the formation of a part-time police force. Though only a “thought” by newly elected Council members in 2016, the idea of a part-time police force had to be vigorously investigated as an alternative to an outrageous contract cost proposed by Wilson Borough, to provide police coverage


Codification Of Borough Ordinances Begins

An amount of $10,000 was budgeted for 2017 to be begin the Codification process of West Easton Ordinances. At January’s council meeting, Council authorized our Borough Solicitor, Steve Goudzousian to begin that process. He will provide updates to Council at future meetings on the progress of the codification and the expenditures from that outlay of funds. In order


Councilman Henry Nodoline Wants Residents To Make Needed Repairs

Councilman Henry Nodoline made his desires known, during the January Council Meeting, he wants to see residents voluntarily make repairs to sidewalks and curbs they are responsible for maintaining before he pushes harder on the problem. There is an existing ordinance in West Easton that pertains to the sidewalks and curbs, but it hasn’t been


Code Enforcement Officer Added To Proposed Budget

West Easton residents who have been frustrated with the lack of enforcement of Borough Codes should be getting some relief soon. Councilman Paul James, who presented the preliminary budget for 2016, noted that $15,000 was added as an expense for a non-traffic Code Enforcement Officer.


Sewer System Smoke Testing Could Cost You Money

If your downspout is feeding your sewer line be prepared to pay the price. The water company will, at some undisclosed future date, perform a smoke test of water drainage in West Easton. Among their search for broken pipes, that are indicated by smoke coming from the ground, they will also be looking for illegally


West Easton Zoning Ordinances – Time To Review

It’s time for West Easton zoning ordinances to be reviewed. I don’t know when the zoning ordinances were last given a hard look to see if any changes were needed, but it’s my understanding that our zoning ordinances weren’t specifically designed around our community as it developed. The bulk came from another community and adopted

Pull Weeds

Weed Control – Ordinance #631

Everybody hates weeds. They give an unsightly appearance to homes and neighborhoods when allowed to grow. Ordinance #631 states that it’s the responsibility of the resident to keep grass and weeds cut on a regular basis during the growing seasons. Weed and grass control also extends to include your sidewalks and street walkways adjoining your

Business License Needed

Doing Business In West Easton – Ordinance #818

West Easton Ordinance #818 requires the licensing or re-licensing of all businesses, whether permanent or transient, operating witin the Borough of West Easton for an annual fee of $20.00. The business license application can be obtained at the Borough Municipal Office during normal working hours. Note: A business includes any