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Sunday, October 22, 2017


West Easton Council Candidate Withdraws From Election

Tricia Mezzacappa, Republican candidate for one of four West Easton Council seats available, has withdrawn from the General election to be held in November. Her withdrawal paperwork was filed last week. Mezzacappa was the lone Republican candidate that appeared on the Primary ballot on May 16th. Currently, two Republicans are serving on West Easton Council.


West Easton Doughboys Get A Bath And A Waxing

After writing the previous post about the WWI plaque on our monument and posting a picture of it, I was bothered by how weathered it appeared and had lost its shine. Hardly in the condition of the Mount Gretna, PA WWI plaque in the picture above, I still wanted to make it more presentable, as


Council Not Completely Thrilled With Planned UGI Work

Last year, before road resurfacing was performed on streets in West Easton, utility companies were contacted to find out if they had any plans to do their own work that involved any of our streets. The responses determined which streets West Easton would choose to be resurfaced, not wanting to resurface a road that would


Back To What’s Happening In West Easton

With the Primary having ended and my time no longer being diverted, I can now get back to the business of West Easton and give you some updates. Part-time Police: Two ordinances were approved by Council on May 8th to be advertised. Advertising the ordinances allows progress to continue in establishing a part-time law enforcement


New Ransomware Wreaks Havoc In 99 Countries

Residents should be aware that a massive ransomware attack has spread across the globe, locking up thousands of hospital, telecommunications, and utilities systems. The attack used data stolen from the NSA to exploit vulnerabilities in Microsoft Windows and deliver the WanaCrypt0r ransomware. The demand was for $300 per PC. While the ransomware was first detected

Thank you card

A Letter To My West Easton Neighbors

Dear Neighbors, Now that the Primary Election has closed I want to say “Thank you” to not only those who voted for me, sending me on to the General Election in November, but to all who took the time to cast a vote for their choice of candidates. This Primary was hotly contested, as indicated


Mezzacappa Mailed A Letter To Democrats

Dear Fellow Democrats, On May 10th registered voters in our Party received a letter drafted by Republican council candidate, Trisha Mezzacappa. She, along with Democrat Councilman Tom Nodoline are attempting to influence the Democrat Primary with misinformation, disinformation and outright lies in order to better their chances in the November election. I personally believe that


From Trestle To Trailway?

Before I begin telling you all this I should make it clear that there are no plans, proposals, funds, or any other firm commitment to what is, at this point, simply an idea of a possibility that is yet to be born into anything resembling reality. West Easton residents are aware of the train trestle


Outbreak Of Kennel Cough Going To The Dogs

Local dog owners in West Easton and surrounding communities are suffering with concern for their pets, as their dogs cough. It’s a respiratory ailment commonly referred to as Kennel Cough that is affecting their companions. It can also infect cats that may come in contact with the bacterial infection. Kennel Cough (also known as canine

Help Not Wanted Sign

Council Candidates Lake and Bonners Distance Themselves From Mezzacappa

Democrat primary candidates for Council, Desiree Lake and Betty-Jo Bonners are distancing themselves from Tricia Mezzacappa. The need for them to make statements to clarify their position came almost immediately after Mezzacappa showed public support for their candidacies. Mezzacappa, the lone Republican primary candidate for Council, placed a banner on her porch promoting herself, Tom


More West Easton Road Resurfacing Approved

The 3-year plan to resurface all West Easton roads will see the second year of the plan completed this summer. Council approved a $110,000 bid from Asphalt Maintenance Solutions (AMS) to resurface more than 5200′ of roadways in the borough. AMS performed the roadwork done in 2016, when the then newly elected council members began


Advertising Now Available On West Easton Website and Newsletter

West Easton Council members finalized advertising and associated fees to businesses that want to promote themselves by means of our website and newsletter. Announcements from residents is also acceptable. Advertising revenue will help pay for the costs of newsletter mailings and website costs that are incurred by the borough. If extra money is generated beyond


State Senator Scavello Seeks Larger Littering Fines

State Senator Mario Scavello (R – Monroe)  wants to deter littering with increased fines for offenders. He believes that people may think twice about dumping trash and debris, if the penalty hurts them more in the pocketbook, should they be caught. It’s a welcome proposal of new legislation that still has to be passed. West


No CDBG Money For Residents Sidewalks & Curbs

The hope of obtaining a Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) to help low income residents pay for new sidewalks and curbs was dashed at a meeting yesterday with representatives from the Northampton County Department of Community and Economic Development (DCED). It was disheartening to me to discover that those in our community who could have


Council Candidate Jeff Breidinger Jr. Appointed To Vacancy Board

When Mr. Peter Mammana was appointed as a Councilman on March 27th, his appointment created the situation of having no Vacancy Board in West Easton. A sitting Councilperson can not serve on the Vacancy Board. Seeking a resident to resolve that situation, volunteers were sought at the April 10th meeting, after no resident responded to

west easton mart

Support Our New West Easton Convenience Store

It isn’t a Wal-mart, Aldi’s, or a Giant, but a husband and wife team have opened a convenience mart in West Easton. Very nice people who I met only yesterday because I was unable to attend their Grand Opening on April 8th. They are apparently a “shy” couple, refusing to allow me to photograph them


Mayor Gross Receives PSAB Award

Mayor Gross will be receiving another honor for his years of public service. The Pennsylvania State Association of Boroughs (PSAB) will be awarding him the Charles F. LeeDecker. The LeeDecker from the PSAB recognizes those public servants who have achieved the milestone of 50 years in office. The Pennsylvania State Association of Boroughs (PSAB) is a


West Easton Council Meeting 3/27/17 (VIDEO)

Applicants for Council appointment. Letter from County to proceed with 2nd Street storm water grant. Budget/Audit presentation by Council President. Hubcap Store owner answers Mayor/Council concerns. Henry Nodoline elected Council VP. Public Comment from Tricia Mezzacappa. Jeff Breidinger Jr. gives Wilson Rec. Board Report. Mayor provides reasons for lack of road work last 6 years. My “ownership”


2016 Budget Numbers – Auditor’s Report Confirms West Easton Budget Not Blown

West Easton Council President Dan DePaul spent time reviewing the 2016 budget during Monday’s Council Meeting. It wasn’t a presentation that went over every line item in the entire budget, though he did provide the basics of where money came from and what was spent, specifically addressing those items that Republican candidate Tricia Mezzacappa insists “blew” the budget by $200,000. Her


Hubcap Store Responds To Council Concerns

Hubcap Store owner, Shawn Sefcik, who operates the business on Adamson Street with his father and sister, came to Monday’s Council Meeting to answer concerns about the business. He came on my invitation and I asked he be put on the agenda for the meeting. I informed him that Council would be taking a hard look


Councilman Tom Nodoline Joins With Candidate Tricia Mezzacappa

Democrat Councilman Tom Nodoline has joined Republican Candidate Tricia Mezzacappa this primary election. Councilman Tom Nodoline is up for re-election this year. Tricia Mezzacappa is making a fourth attempt to obtain a seat on Council, despite the fact she has a lawsuit against the Borough. Republican Mezzacappa put out an invite to Democrat candidates Desiree


Party Alliance No Factor In Appointing Pete Mammana To Council

Some might think it odd that Democrats would vote for a Republican to join them on West Easton Council, while a Republican voted for a Democrat, but that’s what happened Monday night when nominations were made and voted on by the 5 Council members in attendance. There was no Democrat Committee involved, or the assumption

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