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Saturday, February 24, 2018


Resident Reports Vehicle Ransacked

A resident on the 400 block of 2nd Street reported her vehicle was entered and rummaged through. The incident occurred sometime between 9:00 PM Saturday and 7:00 AM Sunday. The resident stated there was no theft, as no item of any value was in the vehicle. Since nothing was taken and no damage was done


Predicted Rain Deluge Today Could Test 2nd Street

Predictions of up to 4 inches of rain today could test the 2nd Street stormwater drainage system recently installed, possibly beyond its design limits, if rainfall exceeds 1 inch per hour for more than an hour. The 2nd Street Stormwater Project was paid for largely with a $125,400 grant to alleviate the massive amount of


Council Applies Brakes To “Might Need” Jeep Repairs

Council has opted to wait until a definitive diagnosis of Jeep #2310 (the black and white Jeep) is provided by a mechanic and a more accurate cost of repairs is given, before authorizing any money to be spent. Council President Dan DePaul was seeking approval of “No more than $400″ to be spent “if” it


Council Approves $300/yr Pay Raise In 4-1 Vote

Newly elected Mayor and Council members will receive a pay raise in 2018. $25 more per month, for each. By a vote of 4-1 (DePaul, Lewis, James, Mammana affirming – Dees dissenting, H. Nodoline, T. Nodoline absent) Council gave a $300/year increase to those who will be seated in January. The result of the vote

Emergency Management

West Easton Finally Has Emergency Management Coordinator(s)

After many years without a proper Emergency Management Coordinator (EMC), West Easton not only has appointed one for the position, but has also added a Deputy EMC. Mr. William J. Concolino and Ms. Desiree Lake stepped up and submitted applications for the position of EMC. Some may remember Mr. Concolino as a Councilman. He was


Door Closing On Possible Council Pay Increase

Almost one year to the day that the subject was originally brought up, the opportunity for Council to increase compensation for newly elected borough officials may come to an end. On October 24th, 2016, Councilman Robert Lewis made a motion to increase the current compensation amount. A secondary motion resulted in Council tabling it to


Council Approves Moving WWI Vet Plaque

Back in May of this year I wrote about the WWI plaque, dedicated to West Easton Veterans who fought in “The World War,” and where that plaque is located. I promised to submit a Resolution to change that location. The Resolution that followed in June was approved by a 4-2 vote (T. Nodoline, Lewis dissenting,


UGI To Investigate Gas Odor At 2nd And Keystone Today

At around 8:00 PM last night a neighbor knocked on my door and said she smelled gas. Surprisingly, she wasn’t accusing me. Walking with her to the corner of Keystone and 2nd Streets, it took a few minutes, but eventually I could get light whiffs of natural gas on occasion. UGI was called and arrived


Councilman Believes Borough Jeeps Unsafe

Councilman Robert Lewis believes the two Jeeps, purchased by Councilman Tom Nodoline and former Council President Kelly Gross back in 2013, are unsafe to drive. Lewis wanted both vehicles taken out of service, citing what he believes are defects in steering control on both, with one vehicle having multiple problems, including a torn steering wheel


Council Approves Implementing Emergency Alert System

Council unanimously voted (6-0, T. Nodoline absent) to approve implementing a previously proposed Emergency Alert System at the council meeting this past Monday. Council voted back in March to delay approval while it was determined if there was any interest from residents in enrolling. Approximately 90 residents pre-enrolled since March and are already in the


Unlocked Vehicles Entered, Resident Suspects Gun Fired In Borough

A resident reported what she believes was a gunshot near the 300 block of 2nd Street, originating directly across from Front Street. She does not believe it was a firecracker, “because it echoed between the houses,” she added. The incident occurred about two weeks ago, at around 7:00-7:30 am, she said. Councilman Mammana reported that


Council Recordings Will Be Retained Beyond Recommended Removal Time

Pennsylvania State Association of Boroughs (PSAB) has recommended that boroughs discard digital recordings of meetings immediately following approval of minutes from the meetings. The Borough of West Easton records council meetings on audio only. My personal concern was that meeting minutes don’t reflect everything that was said at a meeting, giving only a condensed synopsis


Mayor Gross Honors Miller Hardware Owner

Mr. Bob Miller, owner of W.C. Miller Hardware, was honored by the Mayor with a Proclamation at the beginning of the Council meeting on Monday night. Mayor Gross proclaimed the 10th day of October, W.C. Miller’s Hardware Day. Mayor Gross referred to Mr. Miller as, West Easton’s Home Depot, while noting that Mr. Miller carries

White Sweater - Gerald Gross, #14 - Henry Nodoline, #9 - Barry Everitt

West Easton Midget Football – A Look Back

I was in Borough Hall yesterday when residents Barry and Laverne Everitt stopped by. They had with them a folder with a few pictures of West Easton’s midget football teams and cheerleaders from years long ago, when the community had far less drama than it has today. The Wevona Bears and Cheerleader Cubs existed during


Only Minor Work Remains For 2nd Street Stormwater Project

The digging, banging, and clanking of heavy construction equipment the past weeks has come to an end for residents in the area of 2nd Street. That’s because the Stormwater Project is almost complete, only needing some soil replaced between sidewalks and curbs, sealing done in the areas where a new road surface was laid down,


Equifax Data Breach – Things You Should Know

Lost among the news of Hurricane Irma is a data breach of consumer information that, if not for the hurricane, would have been the top story on the news. Equifax is one of the three major credit reporting agencies that keep records of your credit history, including personal information, such as your Social Security number


Dead Pit Bull Dumped In West Easton

One person has apparently moved beyond our problem of cars being abandoned on West Easton streets and lowered the bar. The person abandoned the carcass of a dog. The dead dog was found in the alley area behind Ridge Street. The dog, described as a large brown Pit Bull, was found by a property owner


2nd Street Stormwater Project Update

There is an old joke about a man who fell from the top of a 20 story building and as he passed each floor on his way down, was heard saying, “So far, so good.” Until the 2nd Street Stormwater Project is completed and the road is open to traffic again, I remain nervous that


New Medicare Cards Could Bring New Scam Attempts

From April 1, 2018, through Dec. 31, 2019, Medicare will mail out new Medicare cards that no longer have Social Security numbers on them. The new card identification number will be a random mix of numbers and letters as a way to protect a cardholder’s identity. Some things to remember: • A cardholder’s benefits will


West Easton Residents Will See Road Work And Temporary Inconvenience

For some areas in West Easton road work projects beginning about the same time will have residents temporarily inconvenienced with loss of parking and noise. It’s the price for improvements, but it won’t last forever. Borough Manager Joan Heebner is keeping residents updated on the borough website’s “Announcements” page and residents affected have been given


2nd Street Residents Hear Storm Water Project Bid Award

Residents from more than a few homes on 2nd Street turned out for the July 24th Council Meeting to hear about the awarding of the bid for the Storm Water Project. The project was approved for a $125,400 CDBG grant to cover the costs of a drainage system that would catch storm water and alleviate


NOTICE! Garbage Pickup Tomorrow Will Begin Earlier

Due to planned roadwork beginning in the Borough tomorrow morning, the start of trash pickup will begin at an earlier time than usual. Garbage trucks are expected to enter West Easton between 4:30 a.m. and 5:00 a.m., to allow them time to pick up trash and be finished by the time road work begins at


State Committee Approves Law Enforcement Grant Legislation

Each year, casinos pay an impact fee. The money is supposed to be used for improvements to public safety that is needed because of casinos and its patrons adding to the problems and costs to maintain safe local communities. Most people don’t know that it is Gaming Boards that decide where money from these casinos


Free Cervical Screenings, Mammogams Available

Women who are uninsured or under-insured can receive free cervical cancer screenings and mammograms under the Pennsylvania HealthyWoman Program. The HealthyWoman Program is a free breast and cervical cancer early detection program of the Pennsylvania Department of Health. It is funded by the Department of Health and through a grant the department receives from the Centers for Disease

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